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Sun City Plumber

Call your Sun City plumbers for exceptional plumbing and water heater services in Sun City, AZ. We’re ready and waiting for your call at 623-232-0731. Click here to save money on our range of services when you click here now.

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Your house isn’t just your home- it is where you and your family lay your roots and build your memories together. By the same token, your office is your place of business that you take pride in. In both cases, it is essential that you do everything you can to protect these properties.

Your plumbing systems are an important part of your building; calling in professional help that you can trust is an active step that you can take in preserving and protecting the integrity of your property.

We have deep roots in the Sun City, AZ community that extend back nearly four decades. That’s multiple generations and a lot of happy customers we’ve served along the way. We build our solid reputation on their response. Click here to read our customer reviews and see for yourself.

Residential? Commercial? Just make the Call

Plumber problems of any kind? Don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and make the call to us for help. We offer a long list of plumbing and water heater services including:

An Ounce of Prevention…

While we’ll always be there to help, you can do a lot towards preventative maintenance to avoid inconvenience before it even starts. Avoid putting items like feminine hygiene products, paper towels, facial wipes and diaper wipes in a drain. They will clog for sure. Don’t put food down pipes that are not meant for such traffic. Get your pipes cleaned when you can, especially if you are known to accumulate sand or silt, or if you cook a lot (buildup of grease and debris). Commercial customers who own restaurants will find this particularly useful.

Fix the Leak

The untrained eye can often spot a leak. Signs like pooling or running water, low water pressure or a mysterious increase in water bills can signal the existence of a leak. When you call us, we’ll come in with audio and video equipment to identify the source. Often a leak occurs when older piping corrodes. The simple fix to this is to replace older piping with ones made of sturdy materials, like PVC.

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