Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Peoria Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Peoria, AZ

The sewer line transports waste and wastewater from your home into the sewer. A clog in the main line can cause flooding in your Peoria, AZ home, or cause waste backing up into your drains and toilet. A clogged sewer line is a very serious matter and must be dealt with immediately by calling in a trained professional. 1800plumbing Plumber, Air Conditioner, and Electrical deals with sewer line repair and replacement for your home or business.

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Problems with Sewer Lines

You may be wondering how a sewer line can become damaged, needing repair or replacement. Large objects or those that don’t break down that have entered the line, such as baby wipes, children’s toys, rags, and grease build up can cause a line blockage. Tree roots can cause cracks in pipes and can grow into the pipe itself. In fact, trees seek out water, so a leaking pipe will attract tree roots. Another situation that causes problems with sewer lines occurs when the earth below the pipe sags, causing the pipe to fall below grade. Water and solids tend to collect in this sagged area, causing a clog in the pipe.

Pipe Breakdown

Older sewer lines are typically made of cast iron or clay. These tend to have a lifespan of 25-50 years, which means they will eventually need to be replaced as they wear through. The pipe will corrode at differing rates, depending on factors such as proper installation, the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas, electrical currents in the soil, and turbulence.  

Identifying a Sewer Line Issue

In order to figure out if a clog is located in a localized pipe or the main sewer line, observe some of the main water areas of your home. Try flushing the toilet. If water starts gurgling up the sink and shower trains, there is likely a clog in the main line. The flushed toilet water is reaching the clog and being pushed back in all the other pipes in your home. Similarly, if you run the washing machine or dishwasher and water is backing up into the drains or toilet, a sewer line clog is the likely culprit. You can also try running water in your sink. Look for a rising water level in your toilet or air bubbles surfacing.

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